Thursday, September 21, 2006

S.O.S America is dedicated to helping our country move beyond the liberal/conservative paradigm. This is accomplished by the application of common sense tempered by reason. It has been said “In the face of opinion, reason is useless.” Therefore, all contentious issues may be reduced down to a lowest term by methodically replacing opinion with fact. Where only facts are present, reason and common sense provide a path to resolution.

All ideological conflicts are akin to a giant black hole; a swirl of energy and mass revolving around a singularity with infinite gravity. The controversial topic is the singularity and the opposing ideologies are the energy and mass swirling around it. All conflicts resemble this structure - a point of contention drawing to it good matter – reason; facts; truth; light, and dark matter – ideology; opinion; arrogance. The opposing forces cancel each other out and are trapped forever by the gravity of the topic.

The only way to break such an embrace is to eliminate one element; good or bad – this destroys the argument and happens all the time. Sadly, the forces of reason and good do not always prevail. The forces of darkness may overcome reason, and often do. It is a scary thought, but it happens all the time. An example is the Genocide in Rwanda. Though the United Nations was there (supposedly the forces of reason, truth, and light) a million people were slaughtered by Hutu tribal mad men. Light was defeated by the dark matter. Of course, the outcome we desire is for good to prevail, and the only way to accomplish that is by obliterating every element of a controversy except the facts. This is done utilizing the ancient lost art of common sense...

If a precise set of rules is followed, any divisive issue may be resolved. There are many levels to a given conflict, but always at one point exists a region where common sense defeats all opinion and ideology. For lack of a better term we may call this place the zero point, like on a time line or number graph. The zero point is where all opinion, assumptions, ignorance, and arrogance are exposed and eliminated – leaving only reason, facts, and truth, and truth is a terrible destroyer….

The zero point may be identified in any argument by dissecting away each dark component of ideology until all emotion and opinion is stripped away. All that remains is common sense. This is the end of the process. It is called “resolution.” The result is a pure yes/no, on/off, fight/flee, or good/bad determination. The black hole is destroyed.

America has a disease that is killing the republic. We have become so affluent, intelligent, and arrogant, that all major social, political and economic topics have become endless swirling black holes without resolution. Often, one side or another wins, but the controversy is never settled. The two major political parties have been rendered impotent, and they are no longer able to effect any true meaningful change. The land is rife with good little soldiers who blindly march around defending a plethora of useless issues of which all are mere distraction. Both political parties have become too weak to champion anything truly meaningful. So, America slowly dies, while all our good little political soldiers march back and forth defending or attacking initiatives such as prescription drugs, abortion, the war in Iraq, or social security. In the meantime, forces mass to wreck our way of life and eventually destroy us. Like a gaggle of mini-pundits, we keep returning to the trough for more useless material – like dogs to vomit! Out controllers oblige us with more useless non-issues and the cycle goes on and on… Who are our controllers? They are the 8 headed hydra: the media, Hollywood, the entertainment industry, politicians from both parties, the evil little PACs (special interests), unions, the hate groups (on both the left and right) and yes, your loud mouthed friends who you follow at any cost, of course. They have us and have us good! We are all ruled by fear; distracted; confused; disinterested - yet we don’t even realize how much we’re being manipulated. They have us so turned around; we can no longer tell the difference between right and wrong. Joseph Stalin had a great term for us “The Useful Idiots.”

Western civilization has become so incredibly mobile and affluent; people find it much easier to let the big wheels do the thinking for them. This is because we have forgotten our responsibility to seek the truth on our own. Many of the prevailing issues of today are just too complex for most of us, and many Americans do not have the time to find the truth on their own. Many more of us don’t even care. Most wouldn’t know where to start either. So, we trust others to tell us what to think and how to think, and then, blindly adopt those ideologies – even if they are contrary to our personal interests – or the greater national good. The sad truth is we are too spoiled to bother anymore with our own freedom. It’s easier to just go with the trends, what our friends think, what the union tells us, or we let FOX or CNN influence us from sound bytes while we cook dinner. Many pickup their political persuasion from their teachers, professors, or mindless little idiot pals at school. That way we feel popular, hip, and right on message without ever understanding one single fact on any particular issue. Yes, we have become experts at sounding smart and looking good – and we still have time for Survivor, American Idol, football, and downloading porn!

S.O.S America is here to show people once again how to extract the truth and think on their own again. Contrary to prevailing opinion, there are no versions of good & bad or right & wrong. There are no shades of gray. Truth is not subjective! Each and every issue boils down to good or bad only! It is time we all learned this again…

My pen name is The Wise Guy and this is my blog. My intention is to destroy all the swirling controversies in the little pea brains who have lost their way. The Wise Guy stands for truth, justice, and the American way! As long as you love America – I love you no matter what your color or persuasion. There are three or four writers I trust enough to allow their postings on my blog. From time to time I will present an issue and invite my guests to post commentaries. Allow me to introduce Century Mark, Rainbow Bright, and Lucky Charm. Each is an expert at extracting truth from the jaws of ideology. By no means will you always agree with them because the chances are most of your positions are based on feelings and false constructs. If so, we will strip your ideology naked – I guarantee it. If you want the truth, this blog will change your life. With each posting, we will give you the sword and shield to go out and smite the ideologs! If you are on the side of the angels, and have the courage of a lion, we can help you to become one of the few dots of light across the dark expanse of the universe. If you hate the truth and detest walking in the light, this blog will send you into the lake of ideological fire – where you belong dog! Here cometh the issues…

The Wise Guy™

Let’s start with the two biggest questions for all time: Does God exist and who is he?